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Don’t let damp affect your health

It is a very common problem for a property to face – the presence of damp. This can leave a musty smell and a poor appearance. It can go further than this though, going so far as to leave you feeling unwell. You can receive effective assistance through us and the damp proofing Stockton can always depend on. Continue reading

Some causes of damp and their treatments

Damp has never done any good for a property owner. Instead it always causes more than a few headaches. Not to mention, the bill for the repair work can be very large. If you want to save yourself the stress and money, consider letting us help. Our team is the best one offering damp proofing Middlesbrough has. Continue reading

Damp proofing and waterproofing aren’t the same

The average homeowner can experience many problems with their property in their lives. Damp is one of the most annoying of all. Luckily we work to safeguard these structures from all the issues it brings. We are the number one establishment for damp proofing Darlington has. Continue reading

Keep safe from condensation and damp this winter

As the providers of leading damp proofing Guisborough residents rely on, we commit to providing the right solutions. As a result all of our clients can keep their property in great condition all year long.

Is It Worse During Winter?

As the cold weather rolls in, it is important to remember to protect your home from damp. This is because condensation is more common when the temperature drops. When warm air comes into contact with cold surfaces such as windows it condenses, leaving the surface wet. In poorly ventilated areas, this can even develop into mould because it takes a long time to dry. Damp can be especially bad in the corners of walls and behind heavy furniture.

Another potential issue comes from wet weather. The cold can prevent water from evaporating. More rain and snow will also seep into the ground and potentially lead to rising damp. This is where the moisture travels up through the foundations and into the walls. While it is harder to deal with, we can help.

Issues come from not wanting to open up windows and ventilate the property even though you need to. Serious damp can rot window frames and cause health issues. In addition there is the potential of extensive damage and costly repairs.

Signs Of Damp

– Musty smell
– Condensation between double glazing
– Peeling plaster
– Wet patches
– Dark patches on walls
– Mould spots

What To Do

There are three main approaches to avoid condensation and damp. You should be heating your property at a steady level because a warm home will prevent moist air. Insulation will also stop condensation on top of dramatically decreasing your heating costs. Another helpful method is ventilation as it provides an escape route for moisture.

To help rid your property of moisture problems and keep them away, you should be looking to the damp proofing Guisborough trusts. It is ideal even for properties with recurrent issues. We can deal with other problems too such as dry and wet rot. Get in touch with A Slater & Son today to learn more.

What to do if you discover damp within your property

Through providing the leading damp proofing Yarm relies on, we help clients to keep their properties safe. Our professionalism and ability to fix different issues is why people are continuing to fall in love with our services. We are happy to use proven and effective methods. This includes both dealing with damp and preventing it from happening again. Continue reading

The damaging effects of rot within homes

Summer has come to an end. As people take out their winter jumpers and clothes, many also find condensation within their homes, particularly on windows. The reason this is such a bad thing is because of what it brings, mainly damp. This is where the damp proofing Northallerton depends on comes in. We can provide an effective solution. Continue reading

Top tips on how to protect your home from damp

As we get further into the year, the cold weather is getting closer. Damp is more common when the temperatures drop and there is more moisture around. In the UK, a notoriously wet place to live, many people find themselves looking for solutions to this issue. No one wants their property to suffer, so follow our expert advice to try and stop it developing. This includes looking to some of the best damp proofing Stockton could ask for. Continue reading

Rising damp – what it is and what to do about it

Many people, understandably, do not realise that there are multiple forms of damp. There are actually three types; condensation, rising or penetrating. In addition there are also different ways that it can affect your property. It is therefore vital to invest in the high quality damp proofing Middlesbrough depends on. Continue reading

The home and health issues damp can bring

We always give effective services with a friendly attitude. This is why people know us as the team providing quality damp proofing Guisborough depends on. This is something you should never neglect due to the several issues damp can bring about. Continue reading