Avoiding the aesthetic and structural damage of damp

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The presence of rising damp is often misdiagnosed in properties. The term refers to the upwards movement of moisture through structural materials and finishes. It is often found in the parts of a building that are occupied the most. The moisture dissolves soluble salts from the materials such as calcium sulphate and it can also carry salts from its source. The problems arise when the moisture evaporates through a permeable surface and the salts are allowed to form deposits on or within the evaporative surface. The expanding salt crystals can cause surface spalling and material fractures, which inevitably lead to decay in the masonry and brickwork.

When moisture penetration is left untreated, it causes a distinctive tide mark. When this mark is found at the base of a wall, it can easily be mistaken for a feature of rising damp when in fact the accumulation of salt can occur even after the water penetration is tackled.

Water and moisture penetration is typically a result of defective surface and ground drainage. Damp conditions can also be worsened by condensation. This happens when warm air laden with moisture cools against a cold surface. The infrequent use of heating increases the condensation of more water on these cold damp surfaces, and it is the combination of these issues that leads to damp in structural walls rather than rising damp on its own.

When the moisture content rises, it can cause decay, dry rot and woodworm in the skirting boards. Damp conditions encourage the growth of mould on the surface and within the fibrous or porous materials such as carpets and wallpaper. This not only spoils the look of your home and leads to costly repair work, it can also be damaging to the health of the inhabitants.

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