Why does the damp show up on my inner walls?

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Over the course of three decades, we’ve built an impressive portfolio of successful projects. As a result we are the leading company for damp proofing Yarm has. Like everyone else, you will want a dependable answer to your problems. With us, you shall find it.

Damp patches can appear on inner walls for a number of reasons. They include condensation, cracked roof tiles, and damaged gutters. If you locate damp issues inside your house, you must work fast to rectify them. The excess moisture can cause a lot of damage. It not only harms your structure, but also your health. What we’re going to do here is talk about what you should do when you encounter damp.


Frequent maintenance should aid you in preventing penetrating damp. Ensure you keep the external and internal paintwork as well as the pointing in top condition. Additionally, you need to seal the openings around door and window frames. Look out for any cracks in a surface and issues such as missing roof tiles.


Condensation is the most common culprit of damp. Several different things can result in excess moisture within the property, including poor ventilation in bathrooms and kitchens. These issues can persist, returning time and again even if you keep on top of cleaning. What you should do is use anti-mould paint and try to reduce the amount of moisture that is generated. In addition you can ensure walls and ceilings are warmer with insulation.

Don’t stop moisture escaping

Many people are attempting to make their home’s more energy efficient. This could be through damp proofing, loft insulation, or double glazing. As a result, we’re making them more airtight as well. Such conditions lead to humidity increases and moisture build up. This is due to insufficient ventilation and over-planned home upgrades.

At A Slater & Son, we provide first class solutions to everyone who requires our assistance. Those who fail to consider damp protection will soon find the issues reoccurring. If you want the best damp proofing Yarm has to offer, please get in touch with us. We hope to hear from you soon.