How does damp proofing improve my home?

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Whenever they require measures for damp proofing Middlesbrough residents contact us. Possessing over three decades of experience, we’re aware of which methods would work best in certain situations. Once our team is on the scene, they’ll ensure you have the right protection against damp.

Being consumers, we are used to businesses informing us that we need things. Because of this, it’s easy for us to pour our savings into things before exploring all the advantages. We’re well aware that damp proofing procedures come down to people trusting the professionals, and that it’s a monumental investment. What we intend to do here is examine the improvements you’ll witness in your property if you do invest.

No more smells

Damp proofing can help to manage the smells. Too much moisture inside a house can result in mould. If you don’t treat it, the problem will spread, leading to a dank and musky atmosphere. Around the structure, you’ll start to notice the scent. With the correct system in place however, the issue is usually alleviated. It won’t cost you much to repair everything, just as long as you utilise the right products and have a qualified expert working for you.


This form of protection will also do wonders for your house’s appearance. This is as long as you position it in the proper areas. Firstly, it shall permit you to decorate appropriately. Since you won’t be attempting to paint over damp patches, your efforts will last longer. Furthermore, the paint won’t degrade, ripple, or crack with time.

At A Slater & Son, we not only combat the damp that already exists, but we also prevent it from coming back. Using our knowledge of damp proofing Middlesbrough clients will get you the results they are after quicker than anyone else can.

If you have any enquiries, or would like a free quote, please get in touch. We can arrange a site visit, tell you if we see any signs of damp and discuss the solutions with you.