Is damp stopping you from selling your home?

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Damp is a problem many buildings face, and when left untreated it can cause a variety of issues and hassle. But with first-class damp proofing Darlington trusts, we can help you deal with it.

Could Damp Be The Reason Why?

Are you selling your home? It is a stressful scenario, and a time where you have to deal with any issues to make it as appealing as possible.

GoCompare surveyed people to find out what they considered the biggest turn-offs for potential buyers. It turns out that when looking at homes, what people hate the most is damp. In fact, the top three are as follows:

– Damp stains (69%)
– Bad smells (63%)
– Property in poor state of repair (i.e. rotten window frames, peeling paintwork) (59%)

People get to be picky when choosing the next house they are going to live in. So if your home has any of these, it is probably why it isn’t selling. All three of the top factors can be caused by damp if it develops. Taking a swift approach if you discover it in your home can help you save both time and money.

What You Can Do

If you leave damp alone for long enough, it can lead to some serious damage like dry and wet rot. These are very bad for your property. There is no need to worry though; we can help you deal with these. If you find damp in your home or it keeps developing, invest in an effective solution by relying on us. Not only can we rid your property of it, but also ensure that it is unlikely come back again.

Book your free quote with A Slater & Son now. With the best damp proofing Darlington could ask for, you’ll love the results that you receive from us. We can provide a variety of services including installing a damp proof coarse or membrane.