Don’t let damp affect your health

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It is a very common problem for a property to face – the presence of damp. This can leave a musty smell and a poor appearance. It can go further than this though, going so far as to leave you feeling unwell. You can receive effective assistance through us and the damp proofing Stockton can always depend on.

Don’t Let It Develop

Damp can cause people misery for a number of reasons. When it begins to have an effect on your health though, this only worsens it. The cause of these issues is because the moisture will encourage the growth of mould. This will produce and release spores which will be irritating, toxic or cause an allergic reaction. If you leave it alone it can spread through the property.

Damp can influence your health through respiratory issues and allergies. If you are someone with an existing health issue, it will only exasperate symptoms further. People with eczema, asthma, allergies or a weakened immune system are all more sensitive. In addition very young children and the elderly are more vulnerable.

Simple Prevention

You need to be aware of the cause of your damp problem so that you can solve it. This will allow you to ensure it does not return. For example if it is the result of a leak somewhere in your property, damp will soon return if you do not attend to it. If it is rising or penetrating damp you need to put protective measures in place. With condensation you have to cut moisture, warm up surfaces, or increase ventilation.

If you want to have peace of mind that you have chosen the right solution, you should be contacting A Slater & Son. Whether as a proactive measure or a fix for already present damp, we can work to provide amazing results. Experience the damp proofing Stockton loves for yourself and give our team a call today. Our solutions offer long term protection.