The home and health issues damp can bring

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We always give effective services with a friendly attitude. This is why people know us as the team providing quality damp proofing Guisborough depends on. This is something you should never neglect due to the several issues damp can bring about.

Health Issues

When there is damp in your home or any building you spend a considerable amount of time in, it is bad for you. It can cause mould growth, resulting in respiratory problems, allergies and issues with your immune system. This is due to the excess moisture and allergens released into the air.

Certain people are at more risk from health problems. This includes the elderly, very young children and those with weakened immune systems. People with pre-existing conditions such as eczema and asthma are also more likely to have them flare up.

Property Problems

As well as being an eyesore that can smell bad, the extent of damp can go even further. Both dry and wet rot can start to develop throughout your home when there is an excess of moisture. While dry rot is more serious, it does not mean that wet rot does not cause its own problems. It can destroy the timber in your building, leading to structural issues such as defects and weakening.


If you make the right choice to deal with damp, you must do so effectively. Otherwise there is no point. An excess of moisture can be from different sources and can be costly to remove if you do not do it in the right way. We adopt various techniques in order to do the job to the highest standards possible.

Contact the best people for your problems. A Slater & Son are the specialists offering some of the highest quality damp proofing Guisborough residents can ask for. We offer a free quote so you can see how expensive it will be to work with us. Don’t miss out and simply accept the issue; rely on us to resolve it.