Keep safe from condensation and damp this winter

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As the providers of leading damp proofing Guisborough residents rely on, we commit to providing the right solutions. As a result all of our clients can keep their property in great condition all year long.

Is It Worse During Winter?

As the cold weather rolls in, it is important to remember to protect your home from damp. This is because condensation is more common when the temperature drops. When warm air comes into contact with cold surfaces such as windows it condenses, leaving the surface wet. In poorly ventilated areas, this can even develop into mould because it takes a long time to dry. Damp can be especially bad in the corners of walls and behind heavy furniture.

Another potential issue comes from wet weather. The cold can prevent water from evaporating. More rain and snow will also seep into the ground and potentially lead to rising damp. This is where the moisture travels up through the foundations and into the walls. While it is harder to deal with, we can help.

Issues come from not wanting to open up windows and ventilate the property even though you need to. Serious damp can rot window frames and cause health issues. In addition there is the potential of extensive damage and costly repairs.

Signs Of Damp

– Musty smell
– Condensation between double glazing
– Peeling plaster
– Wet patches
– Dark patches on walls
– Mould spots

What To Do

There are three main approaches to avoid condensation and damp. You should be heating your property at a steady level because a warm home will prevent moist air. Insulation will also stop condensation on top of dramatically decreasing your heating costs. Another helpful method is ventilation as it provides an escape route for moisture.

To help rid your property of moisture problems and keep them away, you should be looking to the damp proofing Guisborough trusts. It is ideal even for properties with recurrent issues. We can deal with other problems too such as dry and wet rot. Get in touch with A Slater & Son today to learn more.