Older buildings need more breathing space

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We might use strong materials to build various structures, but they aren’t invincible by any stretch. If you really want to get the most out of your property, you’ll have to protect it. Our team is more than capable of helping you with this. They provide the finest services for damp proofing Northallerton has. Trust us when we say that you won’t get better results anywhere else.

Damp can harm more than just your structure’s aesthetics. It can deteriorate the masonry and plaster. It also causes unhealthy living conditions and encourages timber decay. Yet, incorrect and low quality damp treatments tend to do more injury to aged buildings.

An over-dependence on electronic moisture metres usually results in damage and additional expenses. Equally, some people fail to consider the damages materials that seal old walls can cause. The last thing you want is to install protective measures only to find they make the problem worse.

How does breathing help?

Damp proofing measures must permit materials to breathe to avoid trapping moisture. Most older buildings have solid walls without damp proof courses and no roofing felt. Consequently, below ground moisture and rain may easily enter. That doesn’t mean you need to rush and upgrade the property.

In a number of cases older buildings are designed to breathe. The ventilation allows warm air to travel around the property, helping to get rid of moisture. Many properties had open fires to produce the heat. Although they may have been replaced with central heating, the idea still remains the same. Permeable wall surfaces also allow moisture to escape from the bricks and masonry.

As you can see, the ability to breathe is something every damp proofing solution should allow. You should never install measures in a property without considering whether they will lock in moisture and prevent materials from breathing. You should consider the same thing if you are thinking about changing exterior wall surfaces. Make sure any paint or protective coatings you use don’t trap moisture.

At A Slater & Son, we use our expertise and knowledge to supply first-rate services to our clients. With some of the most competitive prices, ours is also a very cost effective business. Choose us if you want the best damp proofing Northallerton has available.

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