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Plastering is often considered an art form. The process can dramatically alter the appearance of interior walls and restore damaged surfaces, getting rid of irregularities such as bumps and dents and protruding nails and screws. The hardness of plaster offers strength and durability. Additionally, the final result is a flat surface that can be evenly painted or papered to produce a perfectly smooth interior. Plastering provides a smooth and solid surface and a flawless finish that gives you great design flexibility.

If you need plastering services, it is essential to use qualified professionals. Construction and repair of walls needs to be carried out by skilled workers with the experience to swiftly complete seamless tasks. There are several aspects of plastering including floating, skimming, and metal studding, and with a trusted professional you can be sure of quality workmanship and outstanding results.

We pride ourselves in regularly carrying out quality work for our large customer base. We work hard to deliver plastering services that exceed the expectations of our customers every time, no matter how large or small the job.

Our team are ready to take on any task, even the most challenging plastering projects. Our wide range of services includes plastering all kinds of ceilings and walls and repairing any ceilings that have suffered water damage. Artex was once extremely popular and can still be found in many properties, but many homeowners now wish to get rid of it. We can skim over all existing Artex to reveal a smooth and modern surface, as well as repairing plasterboard, treating coving and carry out any necessary patch repairs.

Our quality work comes with affordable prices and we provide every customer with an accurate free quote. Call us for help with your plastering projects or if you would like more information on plumbing, joinery, construction and damp proofing in Middlesbrough.

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