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Properties can suffer with damp for several different reasons, including the lack of a damp proof course leaving your property prone to moisture rising from the ground or a poorly fitted window frame allowing moisture to gain entry. In order to treat issues, it is important to know what is causing them. Here are a few things to look out for.

One of the major causes of damp is a defect in the building materials themselves. If mortar is cracked it can give moisture an entryway into the property. Over time this can result in damp conditions developing. If you notice a water mark on an exterior wall you should check for defects such as cracks and gaps around windows and get them repaired if you find any.

Excessive condensation in a property can also lead to damp if there is not suitable ventilation. When steam meets cold walls, it can easily leave the surfaces wet to the touch. Over time this can cause mould to grow, creating damp, unpleasant conditions. It can be difficult to treat the problem, particularly if walls are already suitably insulated. You can try improving ventilation so that moisture doesn’t get trapped or use a dehumidifier.

If you notice water marks on mould on ground floor walls, this is an indication of rising damp. This occurs when there is too much water in the ground and nothing to stop it permeating up the wall, either because of a lack of damp proofing or damage to the wall. To correct the problem you need to install or repair the damp proof course. A waterproof membrane may also be used.

If you find damp on ceilings or at the top of walls on the upper floor of a property, the problem could be caused by loose or missing roofing materials. You’ll need to check the roof and do any repairs necessary to resolve the problem. It may also be a good idea to have the loft inspected and make sure water has not been penetrating it for a long period of time.

At A Slater and Son we have extensive experience with all kinds of damp proofing in Middlesbrough, and can provide solutions for a wide range of problems including rising and recurrent damp. We can inspect properties to locate the cause of the issue and will provide a suitable solution to fix it. We can meet the needs of all kinds of property owners in the area, so if you notice any signs of damp in your home, get in touch as soon as possible.

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