Reducing the risk of winter damp

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Properties in the UK are exposed to the most adverse weather in winter, having to deal with rain, snow, ice, low temperatures and even high winds. If you don’t make sure your property is winter-proof you could find yourself with large bills to repair issues. It is better to be proactive and invest in prevention rather than paying for repairs in the future.

One of the most important things to check in winter is that your property has suitable damp proofing. There are many factors that can lead to damp conditions in the winter, including the wetter weather and freezing temperatures. It is important to be prepared and ensure you have suitable protection in place.

One of the biggest problems that the wet weather can cause is rising damp. Rainfall can saturate the ground around your property, causing the water table to rise. This can send more moisture up into your foundations and walls. Ensure you have a suitable damp proof course in place or an alternative which will stop this moisture from rising into walls and causing damage.

Another way to prevent rising damp from occurring in properties is to ensure that the drainage is suitable. You want the land to slope gently so that water can flow away rather than gathering around the base of the property. Ground drainage systems can also be put in place to prevent this from happening. If the land around your home is mainly covered with concrete or other impermeable materials, you’ll also need to take the drainage into account.

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