Rising damp – what it is and what to do about it

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Many people, understandably, do not realise that there are multiple forms of damp. There are actually three types; condensation, rising or penetrating. In addition there are also different ways that it can affect your property. It is therefore vital to invest in the high quality damp proofing Middlesbrough depends on.

What Is Rising Damp

This is one of the less common forms. Most houses built after 1875 will have a protective damp-proof course. This is not always the case though, and sometimes they can fail.

The materials within your building like bricks and mortar are porous. Therefore moisture found within the ground can start to rise up through the foundation of your structure by capillary action. High water content can cause lots of problems, including weakening building materials.


This form of damp may present itself in different ways. This can include skirting boards and timber beginning to rot because of the moisture present. You will then not only have aesthetic issues to face but also potential structural damage.

The water can also encourage the growth of mould which can affect the health of people in the building. Your walls may start showing damp patches or tide lines. Sometimes this comes along with powdery deposits that are from salts in the building and ground getting dissolved.

The Solution

Your first step after discovering signs of damp is to ventilate your property. This will help to slow any problems down until you can deal with them. Then you must confirm the cause of your issue. As we have said there are other possibilities like plumbing damage. We can help you work this out.

At A Slater & Son we can deal with a number of issues. We will take action to rid your property of various types of damp and make sure it does not return. In some cases when the problem has gotten bad enough it can cause dry and wet rot, both of which are bad for your building. Our expertise enables us to provide solutions for these too.

For an effective solution, contact us. We are the suppliers of damp proofing Middlesbrough and surrounding areas love. We even offer free quotes. If you need a new damp-proof membrane we can install it with care and will clean up after ourselves.