Some causes of damp and their treatments

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Damp has never done any good for a property owner. Instead it always causes more than a few headaches. Not to mention, the bill for the repair work can be very large. If you want to save yourself the stress and money, consider letting us help. Our team is the best one offering damp proofing Middlesbrough has.

There are several causes of damp out there. However, the main risks come from specific areas. We would like to go over some of the most common ones here.


Air moisture condensation would be an excellent first example. Energy-saving applications that lower ventilation can increase humidity levels. Showers and hobs can do the same. When the home is cold it can cause condensation on various surfaces, including ceilings and walls. This leads to mould in time.

You can treat air moisture condensation by keeping your surfaces above dew level. Another approach you can take is reducing the air humidity. The best way to do this is to increase ventilation. You can also cut the amount of moisture at the source. Vent your tumble dryers to the outside if you have any. In addition, avoid drying clothes inside the house. Try using dehumidifiers if you need further help getting rid of moisture.

Internal spillage

Spillage is another major area of concern. The outcome from overflowing showers or baths is often damp. It’s the same if there’s been a gradual breakdown of pipe joints or burst pipes. Leaks from dishwashers and washing machines can result in damp as well. You should avoid causing accidental damage to your instruments if possible. Frequently check the inner workings of your property to ensure that nothing is wrong. If there is a spill, clean it up as soon as possible.

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