The damaging effects of rot within homes

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Summer has come to an end. As people take out their winter jumpers and clothes, many also find condensation within their homes, particularly on windows. The reason this is such a bad thing is because of what it brings, mainly damp. This is where the damp proofing Northallerton depends on comes in. We can provide an effective solution.

Why Is It So Bad?

Condensation comes from warm air hitting a cold surface. This cools it down, letting water droplets form. Alone it does not appear to be so bad, but the danger comes from what it can bring. When there are high levels of moisture within your property, it can spell trouble. This is because it causes damp, mould and rot. Not only are these bad for your home but also your health.

One result of moisture is wet rot. This is because the water allows fungus to grow which then begins to cause your wood to rot. It can affect various types of timber and the structural integrity of your home. In extreme cases, it can also cause respiratory issues in more vulnerable groups. This includes children, the elderly and those with poor health.

Dry rot is a more serious issue and despite the name, it still requires a smaller amount of moisture to develop. It occurs mostly in areas that cannot be seen so it is often dealt with once it is serious. You need to deal with it and ensure adequate prevention.

Both types of rot bring troubles for your money, health and property. When trying to deal with them, you need to call on professionals for the best results possible.

An Effective Solution

When you notice condensation, you should start thinking of ways to deal with it. This includes wiping the moisture away with a cloth and keeping your home ventilated. In addition try using dehumidifiers; this will help prevent it developing into a more serious issue.

If you are looking for the highest quality damp proofing Northallerton has to offer, contact us today. We would be happy to provide you with more information about our comprehensive services. This includes options for reoccurring damp as well as both wet and dry rot.