Top tips on how to protect your home from damp

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As we get further into the year, the cold weather is getting closer. Damp is more common when the temperatures drop and there is more moisture around. In the UK, a notoriously wet place to live, many people find themselves looking for solutions to this issue. No one wants their property to suffer, so follow our expert advice to try and stop it developing. This includes looking to some of the best damp proofing Stockton could ask for.


Opening your windows may appear simple, but it is highly effective. The same goes for dehumidifiers and extractor fans. They are essential in rooms where there is a lot of moisture, such as the bathroom and kitchen. Even when it is cold it helps so remember to let your rooms breathe.

Act Early

If you spot any damp or issues such as wet walls or ceilings, don’t wait. Damp and moisture in the air can be very damaging. It can rot wood, destroy your plaster and wallpaper as well as affecting the structure of your building in extreme cases. When you act fast you can deal with it before it develops into something more serious and costly to fix.


Drying wet clothes inside produces a lot of moisture that has nowhere to go. So when possible, use an energy efficient tumble dryer and ensure it has proper ventilation. You can also hang your clothes outside as this works even in colder months. If you do have to put them inside, invest in a dehumidifier.

Look To Damp Proofing

These tips may not always work, especially if you have a building that is prone to damp because of the location and ground. So for the best solution possible, you can count on us. We start by taking care of any issues that may already be present in your property, minor or major. This is along with any wet or dry rot that can develop from serious cases. Once we have done this we put measures in place to ensure that it does not return.

A Slater & Son is the home of premier damp proofing Stockton and the rest of Teesside loves. Take care of your property and get in touch with us now. You’ll be surprised how quickly we can work and the high quality results we offer.