Ways to tackle different types of damp

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To keep our place as the best team for damp proofing Stockton has we have to offer efficient, high quality services. Therefore we ensure we provide the best solution for each problem. We can identify what type of damp we are dealing with and the various options to deal with it. With professional advice and recommendations, our customers can be sure they take the right action.


There are plenty of things you can do yourself to get rid of damp and prevent it. We will go a few of them below.

The most common damp problems are because of condensation. You can tackle the damp by being proactive and wiping down surfaces when they are wet. If you shower and the bathroom walls and ceiling are moist afterwards, take a cloth and dry them. You can also take steps to control humidity, including using extractor fans in the rooms that product a lot of moisture. Try keeping your home well ventilated and ensure the temperature is stable too rather than allowing it to get cold and then putting the heating on high.

Penetrating damp is a more serious issue and generally happens because excess moisture is finding its way into the property. Fixing the problem can require a lot of work. Start off by having the gutters cleaned to ensure they are not clogged and sending water down the walls. Look for cracks in brickwork and damage around windows that could allow moisture in. If there are any old bricks that have become porous, replace or paint them.

Rising damp is the most serious problem and is also one you are unlikely to be able to resolve yourself. What you can do is check the damp-proof course or membrane to make sure it is in a good condition and in the right place. Typically it should be around 15cm above ground level. A second thing you can do is ensure your walls can breathe.

Get help

If you attempt any of the above on your own and find no change you may need to call for help. A Slater & Son is a company you can rely on. Our services are comprehensive, including damp proofing, construction and even decorating. As a result you don’t need to deal with anyone else.

Rely on us to offer the best damp proofing Stockton residents can ask for. Get in touch today to arrange a service.