When damp problems come from within

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When your property has a problem with damp, the first instinct is to assume that the rain is the source of water that’s causing the damage. This is certainly true in a majority of cases, but it is not the only possible cause. In many cases, damp problems are caused by water inside the property rather than rain or other external sources. Damaged or leaking plumbing can go undetected for quite some time, and can easily undermine any damp proofing measures you take.

Like many towns across the country, Middlesbrough features a number of older buildings. It is common for the plumbing in these properties not to have been upgraded or even serviced for many years. There’s no avoiding the fact that the pipes and joints in plumbing systems experience wear and tear through years of use, and this can see water seep out of the pipes and into your walls. If you’re experiencing damp problems even when there is no heavy rainfall, this could very well be the cause of your problems.

In addition to our world class work in damp proofing, Middlesbrough property owners can also trust us to deliver the professional plumbing work needed to support it. Our fully qualified team can not only quickly detect where and why your plumbing is leaking, but also ensure that expert repair work is carried out to resolve the issue. We will perform an emergency fix to ensure no further damage is caused, then complete a long lasting repair with full replacement of joints and pipes when required. Our services are the most competitively priced in the region, and we will always give you an accurate estimate of costs before we carry out the work.

Although the plumbing in your house was built to last many years ago, this does not mean it was intended to last forever. Natural wear and tear from use means that leaks are sometimes inevitable. We are the leading name in the area for the fast detection and fixing of plumbing leaks causing damp problems in your property, fixing the issues and ensuring you have protective damp proofing in place to stop them from repeating.